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This page will be updated with confirmed music, projects, classes, activities and vendors. Check back often, or better yet, tell us what you are bringing! 



Come learn about these amazing regional art and build projects and see how you might jump in our support them on their way towards realizing their visions.

Art Projects & Builds

Alebrijes!: Immersive Art Car Experience: Vehicles for Healing

Kyle Mimms will lead a discussion about this amazing project, its conceptual and cultural roots, and what it will take to make it all happen. In particular, if you have ever wanted to work on a Burning Man art car project, then this is a perfect opportunity to learn how you can. Are you a welder, mechanic, electrician and / or carpenter? Have something unique that you might be able to offer? Please connect with this amazing crew!



Insta: @alebrijesartcars


Black Rock City Cosmic Comedy Club

Trish Smart is creating a new comedy club to take to the Black Rock desert this year. Sure, it’s definitely enough to cat-herd a motley array of stand-up comics as is, but that gets even more random if they are Burners, and then you have to build the actual club, and have seats and tables, and have a bar, and bingo cards and prizes, and bring all that to an environment that is literally trying to kill you, and then pack it up and make it disappear like it never happened. Is this a joke? Nope. This is dead serious. Come learn about the project and maybe help with some build or art projects. And be sure to check out Trish’s comedy writing workshop, and the stand-up show at resync! 



In addition to our DJ lineup we have a number of live music, dance and flow performances and events. 

The Atlantic Aesthetic . Square.jpg

The Atlantic Aesthetic (Live Set)

Do yourself a favor and check out this tight, capable rock and blues act. You can catch them playing in DC, Baltimore and other mid-Atlantic venues, but we’ve got them all to ourselves at resync! Be ready to dance!




Ecstatic Dance Word Treatment.jpg

Ecstatic Dance with larale renee

Returning to the DC area, larale renee (Lauren Lee Illing, who some of us know from her entrepreneurial coaching support of DC creatives through Luminous Solutions, and Shakti Rising DC) has been co-leading ecstatic dance through Gulf Coast Ecstatic Dance, in the New Orleans area. She will be leading an evening of music and free-form movement to open to your inner guidance and authentic self. New to ecstatic dance? This will be a great introduction!. Be sure to catch her at the DIY Music Publishing discussion and the JUST BE. album release party.

la'ra'le . Just Be Announcement.jpg

la’ra’le JUST BE. Album Release

JUST BE. is the first album of la’ra’le, a creative collaboration of larale renee (Lauren Lee Illing) and charles actual (Charles Planck). While JUST BE. will be released on 3.21.23, we will be celebrating with all of you at Rites of Spring!


This spoken word electronic music arc is a meditative soundscape inviting you on a journey of healing the self and the collective. Lyrics and tracks were developed and produced individually over lifetimes, an album concept percolating since the end of 2020, and brought together and produced in collaboration remote collaboration (DC and Gulfport, MS).


We will be playing the album and sharing a bit about how our music came together and answering any questions.


Check out a sample track, Remembering, released last year.

Sunset & Chill . 02.jpg

Sunset & Chill Flow Arts

A regional favorite and returning to resync, the Sunset & Chill crew will be on hand to dazzle and mesmerize us once again. Maybe you’ve caught one of their performances in the DMV before. If you haven’t yet, please don’t miss this opportunity to see them in flow.


There’s a lot of moments that seem to turn into ways we connect our knowledge and experience and resync. And there are the ones we plan too.

DIY Music Production . 01.jpg

DIY Music Publishing Discussion

Are you an independent music producer and publisher? Or interested in becoming one? Join us for an informal crowdsourced discussion about creating, producing, publishing and promoting your own music, and maybe even starting your own record label.


Everybody’s got something to share and everyone’s got something to learn. Let’s see what we can all bring together!

DC COntainer & Logistics.jpg

How to Get Your Gear to Black Rock City and Back: DC Container & Logistics

Are you a new Burner wondering how all those big art projects and camp set ups get out to BRC and back? Or are you an experienced Burner wondering how you are going to plan for transporting that new crazy idea or art car without all the trouble and cost you think it might take?


For a decade DC Container & Logistics has been a community and volunteer run specialized logistics service that reduces round trip BRC transportation costs by at least half as the next cheapest option (which actually only gets you to Reno, and from there you have to figure out all the rest on your own). Bring your questions and ideas and let’s get you set for 2023!

Paxus . 02.jpg

Life in Intentional Communities


Many of us have wondered or dreamed about starting or joining an intentional,  collaborative or independent community. It sounds great in theory but it also seems like there is a lot to learn, or at least for those of us (all of us) who've only lived in the norm-core, default, isolated modern ways that we do.


Paxus Calta (QuinkFair festival co-organizer) and a few of his communitarian friends from the Louisa, VA cluster of intentional communities will be at resync and offering some workshops and opportunities to ask questions about how these communities work, or don’t. 


Paxus Calta:



QuinkFair Festival:

KJ . 02.jpg

KJ’s Ratchet Strap University Class


KJ Donoghue will show you how to not be a ratchet strap idiot in his easy going kinda way. He’ll also tell you that ratchet straps are not that complicated, and that this isn’t a university class. He’s right about the ratchet straps if you know what you are doing. 


This is a great opportunity to get a walkthrough of how to think through and use ratchet straps to make sure what you strap down doesn’t go flying around, or end up in some terrible knot you have to cut. We’ve all seen this, or done this. Be that Burner who knows what the hell you are doing with strap and ratchet placement, tension balancing, and storing your ratchet straps in a way that doesn’t look like a crazed rat’s nest.


We are still confirming our Rites of Spring DJ's, so check back soon for updates.

For now, here's who came together at our amazing first in July, 2022...

DJ Lineup
home.barnsatnight.jpg . Flyer . Phase 1 Lineup.No Event Info.jpg


Projects and collaborations got you in flow? Good! That’s the whole idea! Hungry? Great! We got you. You can stop be or pre-order from…


JoJo’s Filipino Kitchen

Maybe you are new to Filipino food. Maybe you know exactly what you are doing. Either way, JoJo will set you up right!

Lala Enchilada . 1000px.jpg

Lala Enchilada - Mexican Enchilada Bar

Kyla and Ary will be on hand to serve up another round of their signature enchiladas and fresh Mexican food and treats. It’s a little ridiculous how good their food is. Actually, it’s a lot ridiculous. Give them a try! You won’t be mad. If you are, that’s how you know you have real problems.

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