This page is updated with confirmed music, projects, classes, activities and vendors. Check back often, or better yet, tell us what you are bringing! And get your tickets!

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resync.art is a great place to bring your camp or project teams for a test build to work out the kinks before you wish you did. There are also classes, infrastructure builds, Q&A sessions and meetups coming together.


We would love to make resync.art the place where new camps can connect with the experience we all wish we had when we got started. 

Does your camp rock at something in particular? Tell us about it! And get your tickets!


Confirmed Camps & Offerings

It's All Made Up (IAMU) is planning on working on and/or offering classes on:

  • Water System Design & Management

  • Structure Design & Build

  • Green Energy Grid Upgrades

  • KJ Donoghue's long awaited ratchet strap class!

Things to do because we can...

Other ideas and offerings that are coming together:

  • Theme Camp Organizer (TCO) & Team Leads Happy Hour & Therapy Session

  • DC Container & Logistics: Q&A and Collaborations Jam

  • Creating, Producing & Funding Your Art Project (Pitches & Feedback Panel)

Dark Food Truck


resync.art is a great place to do a test run of your camp kitchen, and we will have a limited number of food and drink vendors for convenience and to make it easy to keep working on your projects.


Details and pre-ordering options will be published soon for:

  • Authentic Mexican Food & Refreshments

  • Filipino Food

  • Fresh Fruit Juice Bar