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General Info

What is is a maker, builder & creator burn that offers space, opportunity & context for Burners and creatives to connect, collaborate, learn, teach, build, share and test their projects, art, performances, works and camps. Together. is a new event created and produced by It's All Made Up (IAMU) and a number of collaborators as a fundraiser to support our upcoming projects, initiatives (i.e. DC Container & Logistics, Sky Bar, etc.) and to be better prepared for contingencies and opportunities for those of us going to Black Rock City in August.


Friday, June 30th to Sunday, July 2nd, 2023


Middleburg, VA

(About an hour west of DC. Address on ticket.)

FAQ & Things to Know

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Who should go?


Have you ever wished you could get together for a long weekend with 300 (our event cap) people to work on your art, projects, talk with experienced makers and artists, or give your camp mates or flow team an opportunity to test and rehearse the things you have coming up? Then YOU should go.


Artists, Builders, Burners, Camps, Collaborators, Community Mavens, Creators, DJ's, Facilitators, Flow Art Teams, Makers, Musicians, Organizers, Performers, Producers, Teachers, Students...

Lots of space. An hour from DC. Tell your friends.

Who should go?

What do I need to know? & Site Host policies.


  • Everyone is accountable for the impacts of their actions and statements, whether you intend them or not. This includes the impacts of our reactions to things. Just because we are all imperfect and come from different backgrounds and experiences doesn't mean that we cannot be kind, empathetic, listen, and meet people where they are. 

  • We are here to create a safe, fun, and friendly environment for everyone to connect and create together. We will not tolerate unsafe or discriminatory behavior. We can and will remove people who compromise others, the farm, or the event.

  • The event is hosted on a working farm/ranch. While we make every reasonable effort to ensure a safe physical environment, we assume no liability for any injuries or damage to your things. You are responsible for your well-being and the care of your belongings.

  • Because of the presence of the farm's cows and an on-site dog kennel, pets are not allowed at the event. Please contact the organizers in reference to service animals. 

Camping, land & nature considerations.


  • We are still working through space planning, but there will be areas for both tent and car/vehicle camping. A dedicated parking area will be separate but not far from the camping area(s).

  • Plan on bringing your own power and water to the event. There will not be direct access to services in the camping area(s)

  • It may be hot and dry or super rainy. Be prepared and self-sufficient as you would at any other burn or camping event. 

  • Pets are not allowed at the event. If you have a service animal, please contact the organizers before bringing any animals. 

  • The event is hosted on a working farm/ranch with wild animals in the area. While they generally stay away from people, please be aware of your surroundings.

  • There are bugs and ticks in the grasses, trees, and plant life. Please make sure you regularly check to make sure you haven't picked up any.

What do I need to know?
Camping, land, nature
eventdetails . Playa.jpg
10 Principles . Card.jpg is an 11 Principles event. Please be familiar with all of them.


"Burning Man co-founder Larry Harvey wrote the 10 Principles in 2004 as guidelines... crafted not as a dictate of how people should be and act, but as a reflection of the community’s ethos and culture as it had organically developed...." 

Widely adopted by the global Burning Man culture, Consent is the 11th Principle. is a fundraiser for IAMU and other collaborators and participants, such as those selling their creations in the Artisan & Maker Market. So there is some limited and experimental commodification. In general, IAMU's fundraisers (such as DC Container) seek to directly support and expand our communities' abilities and capacities.

11 Principles

What do I do to attend, share what I am up to, all the things?

First of all, AWESOME!

Second of all, you are already done with the first step:

  1. Review and understand this page.

  2. Please fill out the Creation & Participation Survey

  3. Buy your tickets & options.

OK, I'm in
home.pathand barn.jpg

Additional Information

Gate Hours:

*note: Tickets and initial entry are available at the gate only during these hours.

  • Friday: 12 noon - 1AM

  • Saturday: 10AM - Midnight

  • Sunday: We ask that all attendees who are not assisting with breakdown or LNT leave the site by 2 PM. 

The gate will be open 24 hours for entry and exit to those who have already checked in and obtained their wristband(s). 

Event Notes:

  • The property is rustic, it would be wise to have a headlamp or flashlight on hand after dark to safely navigate some of the grounds. Walking paths are not paved; expect uneven ground, rocks, roots, etc, and watch where you step. 

  • ​Wi-fi is available in some areas, but the connection is spotty. 

  • Phone signal varies dramatically within the property, but you can usually get a better signal by walking 100'.

  • Classes and lectures will be happening, it would be wise to bring a camp chair or blanket to sit on. 

COVID Policy:

We highly encourage all attendees to be fully vaccinated, but will not be requiring proof of vaccination at the gate. We will be checking temperatures with a forehead thermometer and asking anyone with a fever to leave the event.   ​

Trash and Recycling Guidelines:

This is a Leave No Trace Event. Please plan to pack out any of the trash or recycling you bring. There will be minimal trash collection near the food vendors area with clear signage delineating trash/recycling/burnable waste. Still, we expect anyone bringing their own food and beverages to dispose of them properly offsite after they leave the event. It doesn't matter if it's not your trash, if you see it, pick it up anyway, please. 

Fire and Flame Policy:

Open flame is permitted if contained in a raised patio firepit or burn barrel. No ground fires. Firewood will not be provided. 

Fire performers are permitted to spin, but only within the specified Sunset and Chill fire perimeter; this area will be demarcated with rope lights, and only with a fire safety present. 

Ice Sales:

Ice may be available for purchase at the event, we are still working that out, but if not, there is an Exxon gas station within 2 miles that sells ice.

Glass Policy:

Please don't bring it, but if you must, act responsibly; aluminum or plastic containers are preferred. 

Age Restrictions:

Resync is an all-ages event. Children Under 10 do not need a ticket but must be accompanied by an adult at all times. We do not expect very many children to be in attendance but they are allowed. Resync is not a kid-focused event and anyone considering bringing a minor must understand that parts of the event may be inappropriate or uncomfortable for minors.

Code of Conduct:

Resync is a place for you to be free to create art, interact with others, and enjoy autonomy up to a point. 

Participants are responsible for themselves, their issues and resolution of them, and their own behavior. We expect individuals to act in a manner that does not make anyone else feel unsafe or threatened. We do not condone any behavior that endangers our community’s ability to hold events.


The event will be held on private property, but all city state and federal laws still apply. 

If you witness a violation of any of these guidelines, feel free to correct the situation yourself if possible.

If you do not feel comfortable stepping into a situation, please inform a Ranger or anyone with an event radio.

Zero Tolerance Violations (these will get you kicked out, no matter what)

Failure to respect physical consent and bodily autonomy
No ticket/wristband 
Helping someone sneak into the event
Fireworks of any kind
Possession of firearms
Malicious destruction of property
Underage possession of alcohol
Disrespect of the land such as digging, felling trees or limbs, defecating or urinating flagrantly, etc.
Unapproved fires are not allowed. Check in with HQ to have your pit approved upon setup

No ground fires.
No harassing wildlife or farm animals

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